Specialist Areas

TRANS MEDIA ALLIANCE can advise on the many  areas listed below, advising on the developments in these specialist industries. TMA are constantly in contact with the leading distributors, attending trade shows, conferences, product demonstrations and seminars, as well as having regular communications with the professionals who actually use this equipment.


Like most technology today, there have been many new developments to make your venue sound better.

Consult with TMA for the latest information on


  • Digital Audio Consoles

  • Line Array Speaker Systems

  • Amplification

  • Wireless Microphones



The most dramatic development in this industry is that of LED lighting.

Find out from TMA how you can fit out your

venue (inside or outside) with the latest LED lighting fixtures.

Considerable savings can be made utilising this energy saving, versatile technology

LED lighting has progressed even into the hallowed Theatre market in profiles, follow-spots and an amazing array of intelligent moving lights. Find out more....




​Acoustic design is so often overlooked for new venues. Approriate acoustic modelling at the design stage will result in the correct acoustic environment to suit your application.


Acoustics is literally a science!


Consideration in the shape of the room and the sound absorbtion characteristics of surface materials, all play a part in providing the best results.


Consult with TMA at the planning stage.


With the universal access to the whole world via the internet, many organisations are setting up their own television facilities attached to their marketing departments.

  • Cameras

  • Editing Software

  • Vision Mixers

Security utilising CCTV is also rapidly expanding

and is increasingly less expensive to facilitate.


Consult with TMA for your application


Stage Mechanics

​In Theatre, Nightclubs and Churches, stage mechanics is a precise industry which requires meticulous planning.

  • Lighting Bars

  • Scenery Fly Bars

  • Program Relay Systems

  • Talkback Systems

  • Acoustic Screens and Panels

  • Cycloramas and Curtains


Consult with TMA for your project

Multi Media



Consult with TMA to put it all together with a custom design for your application



  • Projection Systems

  • LED Video Panels

  • Vision Mixers

  • Presentation Software

  • Recording Software